Thursday, April 28, 2011

Israel's First Call to Port, Part III

And now their band began yet another tune of minor tone, though the tempo were somewhat livelier than the last.

I left my native soil a reckless man
Bound for where lust is law
But found toil asea too much akin
To what befell curst Jonah

If ye be wise as wise are ye
Who'll take the word from me
Ye’ll do best to stay home and covet not
Those barbarous coasts to see

No good befalls a man who seeks
And finds no better place
No civil customs to be learned
Where the Lord bestows no grace

The words of songs can never show
A woeful path only tell
Of hindsight perfect hard gained to bestow
Dark ills having long ago befell

Fair warning heard carries not the same weight
As the lesson of disaster un-averted
Nor carefree days be worth more than gold in their freight
As safe harbors harrowingly earned

Before you stand I a man who’s been
Blown down by the winds of all oceans
Yet still naught can do I despite all I’ve seen
Than beg you pay heed my confessions

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