Friday, May 27, 2011

The Milk Maid Cometh

At the conclusion of the song, all sat silent as if in a dead calm, the wind having abandoned their sails, and them left staring into their ales, when another of their number threw back his head and let go with a Hey! Hey! Hooooo....! and began to sing, and the rest of them did join with him in the midpoint of the first verse, and this their song:

                        In the morning dew
                        I did I spy
                        A pretty lass a walking
                        And in the pails across her shoulders she bore
                        Milk filled to the brim a sloshing

                        I asked her where
                        Oh, where was she bound
                        So early in the morning…she said…
                        To the market, sure, in yonder town
                        And showed no sign of slowing…and I said…

                        Let me carry your pails
                        And be you my wife
                        Quick now the day is dawning
                        She slapped my face
                        But her eyes held a wicked trace
                        Then o’er the hills were we rolling

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